Diving in Falmouth

Diving in Falmouth is extra special because of the town’s unique geography, meaning you can find a superb spot in most tidal and wind conditions. That, combined with a plethora of excellent dive sites and facilities, great shore diving and shallow wrecks, make it ideal for experienced and inexperienced divers alike. 

Beach dives

Swanpool Beach – The beach is sandy so follow the reefs round to the right (or left.) A nice spot for a night dive. Good snorkelling and excellent shallow shore dive (0-7m) Not suitable for large groups of divers

Gyllyngvase Beach – good snorkelling, easy shore diving. Following the reef out to see remains of the “Ponus”, an oil tanker that ran aground in 1916. All that is left now are some bottom plates which provide shelter for the local fish population.

Castle Beach – a superb shallow dive and snorkelling site. 20m south of the low tide mark can be found the remains of a WW1 U-Boat, now in two sections. The site makes a fine spot for a social night dive but is not suitable for large groups of divers at any time. Maximum depth 8m.

Silversteps – Silversteps is the most popular shore diving location in the Falmouth area, due to its easy access and variety. Diveable in anything from a moderate westerly through northerly to a north easterly.This is a very easy dive often used for training. There is a good variety of marine life, with all the local shallow water species. It is a good spot for cuttlefish and sea horses have been reported. Another attraction is the broken remains of several World War I German U-boats.

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