Falmouth Mussel Card

The Fal Mussel Card gives you unrestricted ‘hop on hop off’ travel on the Fal River Links network of ferries, buses and trains that criss cross the river. Users also have the option to upgrade their card to a ‘Fal Mussel Card PLUS’ which includes unlimited access to gardens, castles, attractions and museums around the river.

Step 1:
Choose your card. Remember the longer the card is valid the better value it gets... 1 day Fal Mussel Card Visitor is great value at £16!

Step 2:
Buy your Fal Mussel Card at the Fal River Visitor Information Centre on Prince of Wales Pier or Truro Tourist Information Centre . Open 7 days, 0900 - 1700

Step 3:
Head out and enjoy unlimited use of the Fal River Links network. This award winning service includes classic ferries, scenic train rides and rural bus services, as well as miles of beautiful coastal walks and car free cycle paths that you can use to get around the river. If you have upgraded to the Fal Mussel Card PLUS then you can also enjoy access to the multitude of attractions, walks, beaches and gardens that surround the river.

Where can I use the Mussel Card?
Ferries: St Mawes Ferry, Place Ferry, King Harry Ferry, Enterprise Boats, Flushing Ferry, Falmouth Water Taxi, Smugglers Ferry, Great Western Riverboats Falmouth Park and Float, Helford Ferry, Pandora Ferry. Bus: Falmouth Park & Ride, Western Greyhound 550 and 551, First Buses 500, 88, 35, 83, 84, Falmouth Town Shuttle, Corlink, Carnon Vale 493. Train: First Great Western, Maritime Line  

Where can I use the Mussel Card Plus?
Attractions: National Maritime Museum Cornwall, Pendennis Castle, St Mawes Castle. Gardens: Glendurgan, Carwinion, Trelissick, Lamorran

How much is it?

Mussel Card

  1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 6 Days
Adult £16 £21 £24 £38
Child £11 £15 £17 £26
Family £41 £57 £65 £105

Mussel Card PLUS

Adult £10 £13 £15 £30
Child £7 £9 £11 £17
Family £28 £34 £38 £70

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