Falmouth BID Board

The Directors of the Falmouth BID are all volunteers, committed to the key objective of improving the trading environment and creating opportunities for the town for the benefit of BID businesses. To achieve this, their skills and experience need to cover a wide range, encompassing all areas of the voted in BID Business Plan. This ensures a comprehensive and relevant range of input by the Board, a high standard of representation when promoting Falmouth, diligence and commitment in promoting the town’s development, as well as good business practice within the company itself. All BID Directors live, manage or own businesses in Falmouth:

BID Chairman, Richard Thomas – RTP Surveyors
‘It has been a pleasure to sit as chair of Falmouth BID. I have also been actively involved from the early days and have supported our BID Manager in facilitating many activities to lift the profile and aesthetic of the main retail areas including the town’s award-winning visitor signage, public seating, street decorations such as flags, floral displays and bunting, and Christmas lighting. With over 250 businesses voting and an 87% yes vote cast in the third term ballot, we look forward to continuing to invest in Falmouth over the next five years, ensuring that Falmouth maintains its position as a desirable place to live, do business in or visit.’

BID Company Secretary, Glynis Tyrrell
‘I practiced as a chartered accountant in Falmouth for many years and I was very pleased to join the Board as it provides an opportunity for me to continue to make a contribution to the town’s business community. I am responsible for financial planning, budgetary control, accounting and reporting of information to the BID Board and management. The Board remains committed to ensuring that BID levies are spent on a structured, controlled and well-managed programme designed to give good value for money over the widest range of stakeholder business interests and to promote the economic development of the town.’

Rosemary Riddette-Gregory – Wellington Guesthouse
‘I was born in Falmouth after my parents achieved their dream and relocated here from London. I went to the High School and Technical College before entering Local Government service. I have been involved with tourism since I returned from London, where I was office manager and assistant to the company secretary in a blue chip company. I had also worked in retail, computing and financial planning. I am dedicated to promoting the town and ensuring its current and future prosperity. I do my best to ensure the high quality of the accommodation in the town and constantly encourage joint working with everyone involved in marketing Falmouth as a destination.’

Paul Wickes MBE – Cornwall Marine Network
‘Cornwall Marine Network has considerable expertise in helping our vibrant local marine sector businesses to prosper. Through specialist business support services we have created more than 2,500 new jobs and added more than £150 million value to the Cornish economy. I have been able to draw on this local experience to produce benefits for Falmouth BID members, which has resulted in the BID gaining funding to provide subsidised skills improvement training workshops and we are working closely with Richard Wilcox to continually seek new initiatives that will support improved economic performance for BID members.’

Neil Chadwick – Co-founder of Seasalt Cornwall
‘I am Cofounder of the Cornish fashion company Seasalt Cornwall and live in the centre of Falmouth. I’m very proud of our town and in my job, I travel across the UK and experience many coastal towns and cities. It’s always been my heartfelt view that Falmouth is among the best, with its vibrant community, independents, festivals and amazing beauty. I believe that BID enables the town to make the best of everything we have to offer and I’m very pleased to play a role as a member of the BID team.’


Richard Gates – Falmouth Town Manager
The Falmouth Town Team partnership between the Falmouth BID and Falmouth Town Council has been recognised nationally, for example in the GB High St Awards. To ensure continuity and transparency in that partnership, the Town Manager position which is a function of Falmouth Town Council’s, acts as an observer on the BID Board.