Market Street & Strand

This area was the bustling heart of Falmouth in the 19th century. Many of the buildings survive from that era and there are numerous blocked up opeways on the seaward side. In 1810, Bell’s Court was the scene of the Falmouth Mutiny, when the men who worked on the Packet service mutinied over pay levels and trading laws.

Prince of Wales Pier was built as an appendage to the existing Market Strand granite quay. The foundation stone for the pier was laid by the Prince of Wales, (who later became King George V), on 20th July 1903. The Earl of Kimberley opened the pier in 1906. Falmouth finally had a new seaside attraction for visitors far different from the old working waterfront.

Did you know?
News of Britain’s victory and Admiral Nelson’s death at Trafalgar was landed at Fishstrand Quay off Market Street in 1805.