Jamie Medlin- Artist

Jamie Medlin creates fascinating and detailed paintings of Cornwall’s landscapes, and joined the #LoveFalmouth competition to award one lucky winner with a very special framed print. 

About Jamie Medlin:

Since attending Falmouth School of Art and Design (many years ago now) I spent several years following  a career in illustration in London and Australia.  Then, as with many people that move away, the call of Cornwall beckoned and I returned home.

I took the illustration skills I had learned into maritime art.  I started painting the array of sea-themed subject matter that was on my doorstep in abundance.

Several solo shows later and after building a strong local following, I started to show my yachting paintings at Christie’s in London.   After many years auctioning with Christie’s, a spell of good results cemented a reputation amongst yachting enthusiasts and collectors alike.

My time is now split between my two favourite subjects of yachting and seascapes of my beloved Cornwall!

More recently I have been focusing on painting the scenes and views within this wonderful county.  The aim is to do justice to the beauty which has inspired people forever and continues to bring people back to visit, (who are not lucky enough to live here), year after year.  I’m fascinated by the nuances of light, from minute to minute; affected by the time of day, weather conditions, seasons and tides.  All these factors combine to create an infinite possibility of effects and scenes, all of which are pleasing to the viewer.  Cornwall’s beauty is just stunning, if I can replicate it, my job is done . . . .

The #LoveFalmouth photography competition has shown some very unique angles of Falmouth, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing them in the flesh at the exhibition in November. Congratulations to Simon Culliford who was announced Overall Winner at the Private View on Monday 29th November.