Falmouth BID Testimonials

A selection of testimonials from a variety or businesses and organisations:


Government’s Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) GB High St Team
‘In this close category, Falmouth came out on top. Collaboration is key in this coastal community, with the Falmouth BID and local authority working closely to deliver strong marketing, business activity and events that blew our judges away.’


Judith Hann, CEO of The Poly
“Working in Falmouth is a privilege; not only do we have great shops, creative people and a beautiful setting but the support we get from the Falmouth BID is second to none. That’s why we believe we should shout about what the town has to offer and encourage others to get involved with the team to help shape our future.”

Justin Olosundé, Head of the Falmouth Marine School
“Falmouth Marine School has been delighted to engage with the Falmouth BID on several projects including the Falmouth for Business film and the Love Business free workshops offered to the business sector. These projects involve other institutions and businesses, and all help in making Falmouth one of the best places to live, study and visit in the UK.”

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Sarah Biggars, The Courtyard Deli
“I am without doubt that the work of the BID team has benefitted the town. The fact that a BID team existed in Falmouth was a big factor in us deciding to relocate here and the current team has exceeded our expectations in terms of the support it gives – both directly to our business and to the wider town and community. From what we understand, other BID teams aren’t as successful as you are in delivering such added value to their town so you should be commended on your hard work.”


Ben Young, MD of The Greenbank Hotel
“The BID is great at communicating with its stakeholders; we certainly feel connected. Furthermore, the PR campaign effort they drive to support the town has been excellent. The ‘Brand Falmouth’ messaging has firmly put us on the map nationally as a beautiful and proud destination. And the value of such work? In the hundreds of thousands of pounds!”

Simon Clark, Highcliffe Contemporary B&B
“Falmouth BID has not only provided an increase in visitors to our town through marketing but also developing new and enhancing existing festivals has given Falmouth an identity and far-reaching voice. We’ve also experienced great communication and seen a flourishing partnership with the local authority that many towns in the UK are trying to emulate.”


Vanessa Clark, Highcliffe Contemporary B&B
“Our shoulder period benefit greatly due to the events and marketing that the Falmouth BID steers in February, March, September and October. In fact, we have seen our occupancy levels double within these months as visitors are attracted by our varied events programme and even better, then become repeat visitors.”


Gill Sadler, Embrace Dance
“Thank you so much for making ZestiFAL happen Falmouth BID! As a community dance fitness organisation, we feel that this event is a superb platform to promote well-being and health, on an intergenerational scale. We were well supported at our workshops and demonstrations held throughout the week and we have already welcomed new business the week after ZestiFAL, all of which have said they saw us during the festival. This was yet another awesome event laid on by the BID, with many local providers uniting to showcase what they do best.”

Sean White, WESUP (Paddleboarding) Centre
“ZestiFAL, coordinated by the Falmouth BID, is one of the greatest local sports and community initiatives we have ever heard of and we feel so lucky and excited to have been involved! We had an absolute belter with locals of all ages joining us for packed paddleboarding days throughout the week.” 


Ron Johns – Falmouth Bookseller
“Trade-wise, quite simply we have had the best week of the year – Christmas came early! And with such satisfied customers, it was a delight. Thank you to all involved.”

Simon Van-Evelingen – Sessions Surf Shop
“Well done to the Falmouth Team. It was great to see the huge crowds in Falmouth and I’m sure many outlets have done amazingly well. Looking at the bigger picture it’s great for Falmouth and for all the new visitors to see the town in all its glory which will hopefully make them all want to return again. We will certainly all benefit from that. “

Geoff Cumins – Grove Hotel
“Congratulations to our Falmouth Town Team again! I was so impressed by the Tall Ships event – inspired, bold and flawless as far as I could tell. It is not just the financial reward for all the local businesses such as The Grove Hotel, it is the satisfaction of hearing the praise and sensing the contentment of all guests and visitors.”


Jacqui Owen, Visitor & Education Officer, Falmouth Town Council
“We have been incredibly lucky to have had the Falmouth BID funding and driving forward the Falmouth Spring Festival and without the BID supporting the town we would simply lose these sorts of activities. The Spring Festival is a shining example of an event that not only has a positive, early season economic impact for the town but one that connects the community so well through its volunteer programme, Paint the Town Yellow Day, guided walks and talks.”


Jerome Browne, Store Manager at M&S Falmouth
“We are very proud to help support profile raising efforts undertaken by the Falmouth BID in the area. The Falmouth for Business film really has engaged with many businesses based in the town, across numerous sectors and really does demonstrate the varied offer that exists in Falmouth.”