Falmouth BID YES at ballot 2018

The award-winning Falmouth BID has been extremely successful at ballot and tasked by the business community to deliver a third, five-year Falmouth BID term. This will realise a minimum of an £800,000 resource to invest in the town over the next five years.

The count has been declared by Electoral Services and the overwhelming results are:

  • Turnout at 63%, which smashes the 58% second term voter turnout and is 14% higher than the national average
  • 87% in favour by Number
  • 88% in favour by Rateable Value

(the two counts of course that all BIDs must exceed 50% on, in order to be voted in)

There has been a huge amount of work over the past six months and month of ballot, in terms of business engagement and planning to get to this result. It also reflects the efforts and quality of Town Team projects delivered over the past five years.

More to follow…