Cream Cornwall

Connected via their shared passion for creating designs and products evocative of the seaside, Rebecca Heane and Alison Hughes founded Cream Cornwall. The brand, found online and in the stores conveniently placed in the heart of Falmouth and St Ives, sells tasteful, high-quality homeware to customers all over the UK. Although the Cornish coast inspires most of the designs, there are also traces to be found of alluring Australian coral reefs, as Rebecca spent 14 years of her life in the land down under.  

Unique products which inspire are born from within their Falmouth studio before being turned into fabrics, lampshades, bone china, and table liners (just to name a few) at their warehouse in Penryn. Maintaining a low carbon footprint is part of the company’s ethos. Another example of its dedication to sustainability is the recycling of cardboard boxes, which get shredded and re-used for packaging for the products they send out to all its customers. 

Co-owner of Cream – Rebecca Heane – says, “ We see Falmouth as the creative hub of Cornwall and we love its vibrant diversity that stems from the deep maritime history to the young and up-and-coming artists and intellectuals found at the university. For this reason, our client base is extremely diverse and each has in its own way inspired our designs. The G7 Summit provides a fantastic opportunity for Cornwall to spark global awareness about the magnificent beauty and hard-working people found in our county.” 

Spokesperson: Rebecca Heane