IVF Bioscience

IVF Bioscience is a world-leading manufacturer of animal IVF culture media. Based in Falmouth, the company supply media to IVF practitioners through direct sales and a network of international distributors and have worked closely with colleagues in India and in South Korea on a number of successful programmes.

The IVF Bioscience team combines scientific pedigree with extensive knowledge of the IVF sector, helping to transform success rates for in vitro embryo production. At the core of their philosophy is a drive for excellence in everything they do. Whether manufacturing, quality control, training and customer support, or order processing, they strive to be the best.

The IVF Bioscience team worked extensively with a team in India to breed an indigenous species which is more tolerant to heat and drought conditions. The programme commenced in November of 2016 with Trivector Biomed LLP, based in Mumbai, India. Trivector Biomed LLP is a well-established business with expertise in the field of human IVF, which meant they were able to quickly understand the IVF Bioscience products and communicate them to the veterinary sector in India.

Due to its expanding population, India has long sought genetic improvements to yield higher milk production and over many decades, western breeds from Europe and the USA were introduced for this purpose but they were not as tolerant to heat stress as indigenous breeds. It was realised that, by using Advanced Reproductive Techniques (ART), indigenous breeds could be selectively bred to give both higher yields and better heat tolerance.

Trivector engaged with Dr Shyam, a pioneer in animal reproduction in India, and in March 2018 the IVF Bioscience team travelled from Falmouth to India to meet him and train his laboratory staff in advanced Bovine IVF techniques. As a direct result of this ongoing support and partnership approach, there has been a highly successful and sustained breeding programme supported by government funding.

As a global company, IVF Bioscience is aware of the impact its worldwide sales have on the planet and is always looking for ways to reduce or offset its carbon footprint. Amongst its initiatives are using a 100% recyclable packaging system; the incorporation and use of international distributors and the company’s premium glass bottles can be sterilised and reused for equilibrating and preheating media.