Artisan Dining

Global Artisan Dining in Falmouth – Spirit of the Sea

Cornwall is fast becoming a food and drink mecca of the UK, with many of the UK’s leading chefs choosing to operate from Cornwall, including Rick Stein, Nathan Outlaw and Paul Ainsworth. However, each of the aforementioned chefs, all based on Cornwall’s rugged North coast, are generally known for their prowess with seafood and contemporary British cuisine, plus their build of major operations right across the UK, and beyond.  

On the very different south coast, is the port with a purpose – Falmouth, whilst seafood-specialist chefs are just as prevalent, you’ll find a more unusual gastronomic centre, with a set of often young and innovative foodie entrepreneurs, setting up gastropubs, restaurants and cafés that provide a much more intriguing and eclectic mix of niche cafes, bars and restaurants.  Born out of Falmouth’s ‘spirit of the sea’ attitude, strong competition, a long history of receiving international visitors to its shores and its pervasive arts and creative community, visitors and residents alike will now find a surprisingly high percentage of independent eateries (60 within 3 square miles.) Award-winning vegan, South African, Caribbean, Japanese, Spanish, French, Nepalese and Indian fare, nestle alongside niche tea rooms (one is also a ‘gin palace’ by evening), artisan coffee shops, a bar that specialises in imported ales and top of the range pasty shops and fish and chips, all served with a typically Falmouth flair.

A winner in the UK High Street Awards (in the coastal community category), what is it that’s attracting this young and innovative breed of foodie entrepreneurs to Falmouth, rather than other UK locations, and what is it that they’re finding there to make this their chosen home? 

We have a range of stats and facts about Falmouth and can introduce you to the founders and leaders of this flourishing foodie capital.

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