Falmouth Marine Sector

A Centre for Marine Technology that’s Falmouth

Along with its picturesque setting, eclectic high street and outstanding coastline, all of which have enabled the resort to be recognised by the Sunday Times as one of the best Places to Live in their annual guide, Falmouth is also a dynamic working port with a purpose. At the heart of that are businesses and enterprises developing some of the most innovative marine technology and renewable energy projects in the UK and beyond.

Falmouth has long been a hub for maritime excellence. Building on its foundations when for over 150 years, it served as the Royal Mail Packet Station during the height of the British Empire, income from the third deepest natural harbour in the world is now valued at £475 million per annum. It is home to over three hundred marine businesses, some of which are forerunners in global renewable technology or are key suppliers to the renewables sector, such as subsea-engineers, marine transportation, engineering, design and project management.

The UK is the world’s leader in offshore renewable energy and Falmouth is perfectly positioned to be at the centre of this emerging sector, being home to a number of world leading supply chain businesses. The Celtic Sea FLOW opportunity is huge with geospatial analysis by the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult suggesting that the Celtic Sea wind resource could be in excess of 100GW, with 80% of this capacity in Cornish waters with a target of 1GW Celtic Sea installed capacity and subsidy-free commercial operations by 2030.

Falmouth marine businesses are involved in a wide range of innovative and trailblazing developments, including tidal energy converters, self-propelled floating work platforms, floating modular dry-dock systems, innovations in sub-sea engineering, smart marine energy systems, 3-D printing using plastic from the ocean and organic seaweed products.

Support networks for the sector from organisations based in the town and region are established, with funding streams, training programmes and research grants available from the likes of Cornwall Marine Network, University of Exeter and the Marine Offshore Renewables (MOR) Group, a consortium of renewable energy specialists. Cornwall Marine Network supports local marine businesses to increase their economic prosperity and has enabled the creation of more than 4,000 jobs since 2002, adding more than £450 million of value to Cornwall’s economy.

We would like to invite you to meet with several of these leading players to discuss some of the trailblazing projects local Falmouth companies are involved in, as well as outlining to you the longer-term vision for Falmouth as a centre of excellence for marine technology, including renewable energy technology.

For more information and to set up imagery or interviews please contact Sarah Harrington, Excess Energy Communications for Falmouth BID. Tel: 07714 634945. Email: Sarah@excess-energy.co.uk