Fal Food Box Co.

Head chef David Donabie and food business owner Louise Lane had the idea for Fal Food Box Co after closing their street food business, Fal Falafel, during the first lockdown of 2021. They knew many Cornish farmers whose fantastic produce would go to waste upon the closure of restaurants. But by delivering directly to homes, Fal Food Box was able to help people stay at home during the pandemic and provide them with fresh, locally grown produce. Their diverse, seasonal food boxes allowed people in their homes to have access to the same quality produce that is available to the catering industry. It was a particular success as most people became star chefs in their own homes during the lockdown.

Five days into the lockdown, they delivered 72 boxes in the local area. Then, a mere month later, made the deliveries completely plastic-free. Since then, the company has worked with two charities, taken on hundreds of customers and won ‘Highly Commended’ at The Cornwall Sustainability Awards in the category ‘Green Innovation in the time of coronavirus’, co-presented by Chris Packham.

Director – Louise Lane – says, “As we think about how we impact the world, choosing food that requires less resources to produce and is grown closer to home is one of the most important decisions we can make. Cornwall has an abundance of pesticide-free farms, with plentiful hedgerows that avoid unnecessary pollution and preserve wildlife. In addition, supply chains are often very small here in Cornwall as the community is so close-knit. So, it was the obvious choice to go plastic-free as we spend so much time on the beach and in the water, allowing us to clearly see the effect of this pervasive problem on our oceans. We absolutely love it here and it is fantastic for the G7 to recognise our beautiful county and the work so many individuals and businesses put in to protect the environment.”

Contact details:


Louise Lane 07539324185
David Donabie 07495261670


 Louise Lane is an illustrator and female founder with three businesses in Cornwall:  

Little Birdie Guides – beautifully illustrated town maps and online guides to independent businesses in towns and cities around Cornwall

Fal Falafel – vegan street food

Fal Food Box