Incredible Bulk

Incredible Bulk is Cornwall’s only mobile zero waste refill shop and delivery service. Set up by husband-and-wife team Jack and Gemma, the aim is to help reduce everyday consumption of single-use plastic packaging. The decision to make the business mobile was an easy one for the duo as part of their objective is to make adopting a zero-waste lifestyle as convenient and accessible for as many people as possible. By encouraging individuals to adopt a circular way of shopping and buying only what they, Incredible Bulk aims to be part of the solution to supporting the future of our precious environment. 

Co-owner – Gemma Brocklebank – says, “When in Cornwall, one is constantly surrounded by great innovative businesses and brands, as well as beautiful environments. This results in constant inspiration and motivation to try and do better. The G7 summit provides a wonderful opportunity to highlight that great innovation and thought does not have to be centred around cities. We believe that great ideas can be, and should be, integrated with the natural world in a way to build back better for both planet and people. We hope the visitors can see this too!”

Contacts details:

Gemma Brocklebank or Jack Pound
Phone: +4479486 20213