Morek Engineering

Aiming to help reduce the environmental impact of the marine industry, Morek Engineering has from their base in Falmouth worked with clients all over the UK, France, Japan and South Korea. Utilising a series of high-tech advancements, Morek works to generate clean energy from the power of the marine environment by exploring technologies to reduce the impact of marine transportation, contributing to the reversal and recovery of our polluted seas. The company’s unique offering combines a unique blend of offshore operational experience mixed with a high-end engineering skillset. 

Amongst its portfolio are the installation of Japan’s first grid-connected tide energy generator supporting the pioneering technology developers Simec Atlantis; the mooring design for a system to measure wind speeds at a prospective future floating offshore wind energy site in Korea; and the support of a French vessel operator with design and detailed engineering associated with integrating construction equipment to vessel.  

Director and Naval Architect, Bob Colclough, says: “We have a mixture of recent introductions and lifelong Falmouth residents in the team, and we thrive from the culture and strong maritime heritage of the area. The marine industry is strong and well connected with excellent services such as the Cornwall Marine Network. We’re thrilled about showing the strength in debt of the Cornish economy at the 2021 G7 Summit. Whilst most will be familiar with our strong hospitality and tourism sector, it is a great chance to demonstrate the lesser-known, in many cases, world-leading industries which also reside in our southwest outpost. The resilience and ingenuity of the southwest have long been a credit to the region.”