Conscious Spaces

Founded by Tara Williams, Conscious Spaces is a science-led wellbeing brand operating from Falmouth and looks to help people transform their homes and workplaces into health-enhancing sanctuaries.   

One of the company’s most recent additions to its store is the South Korean world-leading clean air sterilisation technology VIRUSKILLER™. The equipment was developed in collaboration with the Korean Aerospace University by INBair as part of the governmental response to the 2003 SARS epidemic and has since proven to be effective against Coronavirus DF2, Adenovirus, Influenzavirus, and Poliovirus with a 99.9% virus kill rate in a single air pass. Over the last 16 years, VIRUSKILLER has been installed in over 370 000 sensitive and public spaces throughout South Korea. 

By embracing scientific research to create interiors, Conscious Spaces curate and promote technology with beautiful design that inspires calm, positivity and health. From cleaner air to fresher water, protection from EMFs and blue light, the brand looks to make indoor environments as closely aligned with nature as possible. In addition, it also seeks to help people find balance in a hyper-digital world, offering solutions for the modern excess of technology and pollution.

Founder and CEO – Tara Williams – says, “Being based in Falmouth means having beautiful nature on our doorstep – whilst also enjoying the benefits of a bustling high street full of lots of great independent and creative businesses. The proximity to the sea and countryside is vital for our general health but need not hinder the opportunity to do business globally. So we’re glad to be able to offer our information and expertise to the world during this event.”

Tara Williams – biography  

Tara is the founder and director of Conscious Spaces, an innovative wellbeing brand dedicated to creating toxin-free, tech-balanced living environments. She is passionate about helping people to experience optimum health through considered lifestyle choices. 

Tara’s journey of discovery began over 20 years ago when she became unwell with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), Post Viral Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), and severe Endometriosis – leaving her crippled with pain and bedridden by age 19.

Desperate for answers, Tara sought out alternative ways to heal. She researched and trialled various remedies and therapies, training in different healing modalities, including vibrational medicine. She also qualified as a Nutritional Therapist, focusing on enhancing immune function and treating chronic illness through diet.

Taking a more holistic view of her health led Tara to realise the critical importance of protecting against the effects of Electromagnetic Frequencies/Fields (EMFs). By reading the science on the subject, she understood that EMFs could have a similar impact on the body as other toxins, like unhealthy food or synthetic chemicals, affecting everything from sleep and fertility to cellular function. 

This led her to set up Conscious Spaces and to train as an EMF surveyor with Geovital Academy, a global authority on radiation mitigation and protection so that she could help others find balance in a hyper-digital world.

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