Beside the Wave Gallery

Established over thirty years ago, Beside The Wave showcases the work of talented artists in Cornwall. Creativity and sustainability are at the heart of all that the gallery does.

The livelihoods of over fifty artists are supported by the Beside The Wave, and these include 20 painters, 20 ceramicists and 10 jewellers. The gallery represents established and emerging young artists many of whom have been given opportunities to show their work as recent graduates of Falmouth University.

This month’s window recreates a Cornish Hedgerow full of flowers, a theme central to the work of artist, Amanda Hoskin. All the flowers are live, and will be planted into the garden when the window changes.

The Gallery’s team is led by Florence Lowry, and she and her colleagues are all dynamic young professionals in their twenties, committed to showcasing the best of Cornwall’s wealth of artistic and creative talent.

Note: Images are copyright free and may be reproduced.

June 2021