Cornwall and Isles of Scilly (CIOS) is a relatively peripheral, rural region. Overall Gross Value Added per capita is around 35% below the UK average. A number of challenges underpin this overall economic performance, including a dependence on seasonal low-wage sectors, a lack of large employers and deficits on skills and innovation.

Launchpad seeks to change this, by fostering the creation of high-value, high-growth businesses headquartered in Cornwall.

Dedicated to driving the growth of Cornwall’s economy, Launchpad is a venture studio embedded within Falmouth University. It gives entrepreneurial candidates an opportunity to work on building the companies of tomorrow with leading strategic partners supported by experienced coaches and mentors to help create in-demand, cutting-edge investible companies for positive global impact.

Strategic partners include HSBC, Amazon Web Services, the BBC, Mars and Spencer and Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Since it was established in 2017, Launchpad has supported the founding of businesses that are making an impact in diverse sectors:

Tech company Codices develops tools for online broadcasters to easily make, manage and monetise live interactive gameshows. They are best known for their Quiz Kit product.

Glas Data
Glas Data’s vision is to unite the agricultural sector and food supply chain with a universal data dashboard, GlasCore. Their aim is to enhance farm management through data automation and easy aggregation.

Data Duopoly
Data Duopoly is revolutionising the visitor experience for venues worldwide through their Xplor-IT range. Their product manages visitor distribution to maintain social distancing and maximise on-site spending but also boosts visitor engagement before, during and after their visit using customisable gamification.