Cornwall’s first two car clubs were launched in Truro and Falmouth and introduced Cornwall to the first ever ‘hire by the hour’ car club.

Co-cars launched the car clubs to provide members with hassle free and cheaper motoring, members only pay for a car when they want to use one, based at convenient locations across the south west, now including Truro and Falmouth. Part of the expanding network of Co-cars hire by the hour car club.

The cars are based at Truro and Falmouth railway stations and Pyder Street car park in Truro helping to develop a joined-up transport system for Truro, Falmouth and beyond.  This will enable people to connect their train journey with a station based ‘hire by the hour’ car as part of the expanding network.

Individual and household membership costs just £25 per year, while business membership is free. Each hire costs from just £3.75 per hour, with discounts for daily hire, plus 15p per mile. Fuel, insurance, tax, maintenance and emergency cover are all included so there are no hidden costs.

Co-cars charges” Individual and household hire and mileage charges are inclusive of VAT. Business hire and mileage charges are exclusive of VAT.  There ae several memberships available for individuals, households, organisations and employees. For the full table of rates or to apply for membership, please reer to the Co-cars website, call 01392 961385 or email