Science in The Pub

Whether you are looking to advance your scientific knowledge or just needing an excuse to go the pub on a school night, these fun and stimulating sessions run by leading academics from the University of Exeter will entertain and inspire you. This is another exciting event for the 2019 Spring Festival, funded and organised by the Falmouth BID.

Grab yourself a drink and join scientists for a light-hearted look at some of the things you probably didn’t know, in a selection of cool Falmouth pubs you probably do know! These novel talks are free to attend. Discover your thirst for science at the following locations:

The shrinking Antarctic ice sheet!
Venue: Pennycomequick
Date & time: Monday 18 March, 6pm
Why is this happening and what are the impacts? ICEBERGS is an ongoing project researching the impacts of rapid deglaciation along the west Antarctic Peninsula. Join us on a journey where we find out why what’s happening in Antarctica is important to all of us, using stunning photographs and video from the research cruises in 2017 and 2018.

Sex, bugs and rock n’ roll
Venue: 5 Degrees West
Date & time: Tuesday 19 March, 6pm
Can a fly be flirtatious? Or a stag beetle a stud? What about a coy centipede? Humans often form opinions of other people based on their sex, and their sexuality, and it turns out we also do the same thing to animals. Why do we hold these biases, and do they make sense when we think about animal mating systems? We’ll explore animal sexuality from a human perspective (and vice
versa) through musical stand-up comedy.

How do animals see the world?
Venue: The Working Boat
Date & time: Wednesday 20 March, 6pm
Animals see in many weird and wonderful ways. Some can see dimensions of colour that our brains simply can’t imagine, some sense polarised light to see further through murky water, others can ‘see’ the Earth’s magnetic field and use it as a compass. We will explore some fascinating aspects of animal vision and expose the undercover world of camouflage.

You think you know plastic?!
Venue: Beerwolf
Date & time: Thursday 21 March, 6pm
Plastic Free Falmouth join the University of Exeter for a “Rethink Plastic” pub quiz night as part of Science in the Pub. Join us for a fun night to celebrate all that is good about the materials we are so lucky to use in our everyday lives. Let’s value our resources and ecosystems and think out-of-the-box for how we can break free from single-use plastic dominating our lives.

‘A tuna, a turtle, a shark and a gannet walk into a bar…. ‘
Venue: Jacobs Ladder
Date & time: Friday 22 March, 6pm
But, what happens next? Biologging is the field of tracking individual animal’s movements by means of attaching physical tags. With a rapidly increasing global population, more and more people are dependent on the marine environment and there is a growing need to understand the movements of marine animals in space and time. Join us for this interactive talk and find out what happens next to the tuna, turtle, shark and gannet!