Diving in Falmouth

Diving in Falmouth is extra special because of the town’s unique geography, meaning you can find a superb spot in most tidal and wind conditions. That, combined with a plethora of excellent dive sites and facilities, great shore diving and shallow wrecks, make it ideal for experienced and inexperienced divers alike. 

Beach dives

Swanpool Beach – The beach is sandy so follow the reefs round to the right (or left.) A nice spot for a night dive. Good snorkelling and excellent shallow shore dive (0-7m) Suitable for large groups of divers.

Gyllyngvase Beach – good snorkelling, easy shore diving. Following the reef out to see remains of the “Ponus”, an oil tanker that ran aground in 1916.

Castle Beach – a superb shallow dive and snorkelling site at which you can find the remains of a WW1 U-Boat, the UC-92. The site makes a fine spot for a social night dive and can accommodate large groups (up to 20).

Silversteps – Silversteps is also a popular shore diving location in the Falmouth area, but do note access is not easy. Diveable in anything from a moderate westerly through northerly to a north easterly. There is a good variety of marine life, with all the local shallow water species. It is a good spot for cuttlefish and sea horses have been reported. Another attraction is the broken remains of several World War I German U-boats.